Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions?

Is kicking a habit one of your New Year’s Resolutions for 2016? Mike explains how you can overcome cravings for chocolate, drinking and smoking by finding the right substitute for whatever it is you can’t leave alone.

“Only 5% of those people who have tried to stop altogether reported success in beating their addiction,” he explains. “Instead, why not look to replace it with something less addictive and harmful? Who knows, you may actually find a flavour or experience you prefer.”

Mike’s tips for beating your post-Christmas cravings without going ‘Cold Turkey’;

  • Sometimes it’s easier to simply distract yourself with an activity to help avoid the cravings; try a new hobby, cultivate an old one, find something that fills the space where your cravings are
  • Make sure to wean yourself off whatever it is you just can’t leave alone, try extending the periods between giving into your cravings, soon you won’t miss it nearly as much
  • Support groups can be a real help and they don’t need to be formal; lean on your friends, but make sure they police you properly – don’t be surprised if they ask you to return the favour
  • Don’t forget to treat yourself, it’s all too easy to treat New Year’s Resolutions as punishments; this can often lead us back to the bad habits we’re trying to leave behind

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