A well-known and respected professional in Mental Health, having worked in the field for nearly 40 years, Mike Delaney has a natural aptitude to make people feel valued and appreciated which, combined with his personal experiences as a recovering addict/alcoholic, has resulted in his successful treatment of many people with addictions, depression and trauma and their families who are now leading happy, fulfilled lives without the painful effects of their former soul-destroying conditions.

He regularly hosts client clinics in London and travels throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide for client therapy and business consultancy.



Mike Delaney qualified as a nurse practitioner in the mental health/learning disability field in 1981, rapidly progressing in his career to hold a variety of management positions in both the NHS and private sector.

Mike has specialised in substance misuse and is responsible for developing several innovative addiction therapy methods, including the LEAP model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) with Ella Bloomfield and The Dorabella Model, an innovative model for treating adults who have a learning disbability and an addiction

Mike has provided consultancy and managerial services to many addiction therapy centres and learning disability organisations in the UK and Channel Islands, including as Clinical Director of the Stepps residential rehabilitation centre and Stepping Stones Group learning disability service provider in Gloucestershire.

Others to have benefited from Mike’s vast practical and theoretical expertise include Pathways supported housing in South West England, the Birmingham Addictive Behaviours Centre, and Silkworth Lodge in Jersey, a community residential rehabilitation service created and developed by Mike and his team in 2002 when he was Programme Director.

Mike’s lecturing and presentation skills remain in high demand and he regularly shares his expert knowledge with fellow industry professionals, university students and people affected by addiction, learning disability, mental health or challenging behaviour.

Mike regularly appears in the media as an expert  and has been involved in several documentaries inclusding the BAFTA award winning “Lager, Mum and Me” and BBC’s ‘Am I Normal?’ documentary in which he discussed the positive effects of EAP with clinical psychologist and TV personality, Dr Tanya Byron.

In September 2011, Mike became CEO and Clinical Director of The Bayberry Clinic and Recovery Centre, providing a comprehensive, inclusive, effective and compassionate residential service and some of the world’s leading therapeutic treatments. Its renovated, spacious and modern centres are located in rural, countryside surroundings and its international facility is based on the island of Mauritius.

In September 2015, he launched Priority Health, providing a ‘gateway’ to a vast range of mental health services – from psychotherapy to psychiatry and counselling to Cognitive behavioural therapy – with consulting facilities based in Birmingham, London and Warwickshire.

Mike currently is Clinical Director of Delamere, a detox and therapy retreat in rural Cheshire – a place designed to relax mind and body. Thanks to its tranquil situation and state-of-the-art facilities, Delamere offers participants the opportunity to grow beyond addiction through innovative treatments that encourage profound personal transformation. It’s the only purpose-built clinic in the UK – a destination where change, growth and healing can be achieved by concentrating on treating the whole person rather than just the immediate problem area or symptom.

Mike is also working with the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the Nation’s leading addiction medicine society representing physicians, clinicians and other professionals. In January 2019 he co-founded UNIVERSAL ADDICTION HEALTHCARE to implement the fundamentals of addiction training for first responders, doctors, nurses, and all accredited healthcare workers.