Mike appears on TV documentary

Mike Delaney was recently invited to provide expert analysis and opinion as part of a documentary broadcast on Channel 5 about the TV Presenter, Ant McPartlin.

‘The Comeback of Ant McPartlin’ focussed on the ups and downs of Ant’s career as Mike spoke about the causes and impact of addiction.

“An addiction is a brain disorder which causes people to harm themselves by repeating a behaviour which starts off as pleasurable, but becomes very harmful,” Mike explained. “An addiction is never about the substance or behaviour, it’s always about the person and what they’re avoiding. It can be trauma; it can be a lot of childhood issues; I’ve never met an addict yet who’s sat down in front of me and said ‘I really like myself’.”

The documentary is available to watch via the Channel 5 streaming service, My5 and by clicking here.